Thursday 3 July 2008

Money, its a hit

So, what did all the dosh get spent on at Expo? A major purchase for me, and the guys seemed to be doing a brisk trade all round, was a batch of Easitrac. I am hoping that this will speed the Layout Challenge entry along a bit faster; there are only 24 months to go after all!

From the main shop, I got a roll of rail. I'm still concerned how this curves about especially in the vertical plane. A Blackburn jig to help soldering Bob Jones point chairplates was also acquired; I don't think I can wait this time for the Easitrac guys to get their point system to the table. Additionally all the bits and bobs required to make a start on the J72 were assembled; wheels, bushes, gears etc. I already had a suitable motor so this eased the pain a little.

Finally, a major purchase; Association Loco Kit No1 - 350hp diesel shunter (08 to you youngsters!) - this will be some time coming as I've plenty to do before starting this kit!

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