Wednesday 11 June 2008

Ain't no use in crying

Oh well, there go the last two months. No modelling done whatsoever. Sometimes these things happen; the business needed some attention (in a positive way; new staff, new flooring, new equipment, new products/services), there were family matters including a week's holiday and to cap it all, the missus decides we need to move house! So the railways go on the back burner...

Anyway, I hope that this week's return to service will be sustained and I can make some layout headway. Today I've tried to get the D49 a bit nearer the finishing post:

Handrails manufactured from .3mm nickel silver wire and fitted using my normal process; 36swg phosphor bronze wire twisted in a collet around a bit of spare .3mm wire.

On this side we also have the reversing mechanism (below the handrail and above the splasher). This shaft driven mechanism is I believe peculiar to the D49/2s and whilst the parts are listed in the instructions, there is only mention of steam reverser and lever reversers. I used one of the three layers as the intermediate support as the gearbox seemed adequately represented by two layers of etching.

The last job this afternoon has been to add more weight in the form of liquid lead; in the boiler space between the driving wheels and also in the boxes above the rear drivers. Hopefully the glue will be solid this evening and I can have another wee dabble...

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Anonymous said...

Tony, have you seen the recent correspondence in MRJ about fixing "Liquid Lead" in place with PVA glue and the detrimental effects it can have over time? I'd hate to see your fine work spoilt in the same way.