Thursday 29 May 2008

NEAG Meeting Report - 2mm Fine Scale flexi-track is a reality with Easitrac

The assembled throng of members wait patiently for the demonstration to begin . The demonstrator is absent - taking the picture, of course

Here are the girls in the kitchen just prior to the meeting proper starting. (Jean, turn around and watch the birdie next time.......!)

Last last but not least the reason for the track day was the culmination of a long desire to have flexitrack in 2mm fine scale, and the last picture is a shot of a piece of plain track shortly after it came out of the jig designed and made by Alan Smith, one of the flexitrack protagonists. One scale 60'0" length or 120mm. The jig is most definitely not essential but ask someone who has used one how much easier to make long lengths of track it is with it rather than without it.

Yes, I know it's late..! Apologies to those who couldn't get to the meeting on the 24th but I couldn't really jump the gun with the announcements that are coming in the 2mm Magazine, VAG and 'e' Board etc. We still had a reasonable turnout on Saturday as you can see from the first picture. Was that anything to do with the mysterious ITD the brought news of the meeting..?

If you need to see more you can consult the VAG photos area. Look for a folder entitled Easitrac which (surprise surprise) is exactly how the flexitrack will be known.
The buzzwords are:- Just add Rail.........!
Because that's all you need to do to have fine scale track in an instant.

Mick S

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