Thursday 8 May 2008

Making Tracks

Things seem a bit quiet of late here on the blog. Everyone must be busy modelling!

For my own part, I've spent what little modelling time I've had available making track for my GJLC entry. Most of the plain track is now finished and I've started on the pointwork. These are being made using the excellent jigs available from Shop 1.

The photo shows the first turnout part-completed. There will only be two turnouts on the layout, both of standard B7 left hand geometry. Once these are done I will move onto the traintables planned for each end of the layout. In the background of the photo can be seen some of the rolling stock also under construction for the layout.

And as if making track in 2mm scale wasn't enough, I spend the occasional weekend working in a slightly larger scale:

The photo shows some 2ft gauge track panels that have been built as part of the Moseley Railway Trust's project to build a railway at the Apedale Heritage Centre near Stoke-on-Trent. The railway will eventually carry passengers from an existing museum and cafe up into the adjacent country park.


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