Sunday 24 February 2008

There and Back Again

A tad delayed, here is the update on the D49.

We are now on the final part of the build; construct the loco body. First up is the footplate. The basis of this is a fold up etch over which we are going to layer different etches to produce the finished item. We bend this to its basic shape including bending up the splasher sides. A full thickness overlay is then tacked onto this to represent the raised part of the footplate.

There are two valances to be attached to the underside of the footplate; these fit into some half etched grooves. We are instructed to clean all cusping off the etches prior to assembly; this proves rather tricky on a delicate piece like the valance. I clean the top flat which will fit into the groove and then do the rest when I've soldered it in place.

Once the valances are tack soldered in place, the footplate starts to look more convincing. The square bit protruding from behind the rear curve will apparently be filed away fairly soon. Next up, we need to add the curved bits of the footplate (after we've curved them of course!); should be good for some fraught nerves...

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