Tuesday 17 July 2007

You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)

A week or so of little modelling due to VAT returns, business planning etc.

Anyway I've started decalling the N8. The locomotive will be 69394.

Two problems have reared their ugly heads:
  1. I started applying the number with the wrong size numerals. Careless, I know, but when you've not done any numbering for a while the different sizes of numerals becomes almost unnoticable. So I started to remove the "9" and the "4" which I'd applied and let dry. Unfortunately, the Microsol started to soften the paintwork! As a result, I've had to touch the paintwork in with a brush after removing the offending decals. I just hope that the new numerals with hide the irregularities...
  2. I've just found out that post '51/'52, this loco carried lining. I was hoping to avoid this and had chosen a loco where I could see it was unlined. The photo must have been taken a day or two before it went into the paintshop. Arrrrgh!!!

I'll stick with this loco and persevere with the lining. Maybe some photos next time. Maybe.


Edward Sissling said...

I lined my A8 and others with Fox Transfers BR mixed traffic lining. Toned down with a waft of airbrushed weathering it doesn't look too bad.

Worrying that the decal softener also lifts the acrylic paint. Maybe a coat of enamel type gloss varnish before decalling would help?

I have one of those Bob Moore Master Lining Pens if you want to borrow it and have a go lining it by hand with enamels...

Yorkshire Square said...

I think I have some Fox lining somewhere. I'll have to dig it out as I'm not sure I'm up to hand lining. ;-)

The Microsol only affected the paint after persistent flooding trying to release the decals; during normal use fixing them, there was no perceptible effect on the acrylic. I suspect enamel solvents might react with acrylics too.