Friday 6 July 2007

Paint it Black (Well Almost!)

If you read the comments on my last post, you'd know that the N8 is currently in the paintshop.

A little while ago Mark Fielder posted about Vallejo acrylic paints on the VAG. I made a note of the supplier and last week got round to placing an order. I have also struggled to get reasonable results with primers sold through the model railway trade eg Precision and so I thought I'd try some Tamiya Metal Primer sold in a 100ml aerosol.

The primer went on very nicely, but I was a bit surprised to find that it was clear! Having left that in the airing cupboard to dry last night, I applied the top coat this morning. The Vallejo acrylics come in 17ml bottles with a pipette type top; very easy to dispense into the airbrush. Eschewing black, I opted for No 056 black/grey which is also labelled as "Panzer" on the bottle. I thought I'd made a mistake as I started spraying; the grey was really quite light. Then I remembered a conversation with a wise old man (Mike Raithby actually) who told me that acrylics actually dry darker rather than the inverse with say enamels or watercolours.

I'm quite pleased with the outcome. Some areas will need brushing in when the body is thoroughly dry and I notice from the photos a few strands of glass brush lurking under the paint. But I feel happier with the result than with sprayed enamels. It will be interesting to see how robust the finish is.


Mike said...


Can I ask, of the 2 images posted which is nearer the actual colour?


Mike Taylor

Yorkshire Square said...


Colour is like beauty. It's all in the eye of the beholder! The real thing is neither as blue or as dark as the first image nor as green or as light as the second!!!!

Suffice to say it is several shades lighter than true black with no discernable colour cast.

I think the photos are influencing the colour. The first image is taken without flash, but with reasonable natural light. The second relies substantially on the flash. Plus the backgrounds impact on the perceived colour too.

Hope this helps.