Tuesday 19 June 2007

To Blog or not to Blog

That is the question. I'm not really sure there is an answer. Different things serve different people in different ways, be it websites, blogs or the VAG.

I'm posting here not as some all knowing modelling supremo, but just as an ordinary Joe hoping that my perspiration will provide a little inspiration for those visiting the site. For me blogging is easier than maintaining a website yet more flexible than the VAG especially for presenting ongoing modelling work. I will still contribute to the VAG where appropriate, but I'll post my modelling updates here.

Anyway, progress continues with the D49. All of the fittings in the kit are now attached to the tender. I'm not certain the J hangers on the axlebox castings are quite long enough, but as they're only superglued on, I can easily remove them in the coming weeks for remedial work if necessary; I really need to study some more photos first. The tender also needs some tool boxes to the front and a brake cylinder to the rear of the coal compartment. As these aren't in the kit, I'll need to fabricate them from the drawings I have.

I have now started on the loco frames. The shot below shows the very early stages with bearings soldered into the flat frames. I have have subsequently made up the gearbox attached to the LH frame and added bearings to that. This is very similar to Bob's other kits, fairly straightforward; the next steps are starting to look a bit more demanding though. I'll let you know how I get on!

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Mick S said...

Thanks for the update. Keep them coming. The right thing to do is keep blogging. It is a grand way to store your material before presenting it to the editor for distribution to the whole Association membership.