Monday 5 March 2007

New bus service on Wansbeck Road and welcome Bob to the Blog

First my thanks to Edward for his contibutions getting the blog off to a rattling good start.

Coming soon will be some pictures of the latest addition to Wansbeck Road, a working Bristol LS single decker bus. Doesn't travel very far mind. It had its first outing at the Warley Show at the NEC and visited Preston during January. Because of the success of this introduction of working road vehicles the previously hatched plan to extend the layout in the opposite direction will now include a United Automobile Services bus depot.

I had asked Bob Jones to contribute to the blog but he's been so busy with current projects he has not had a chance to make a posting. However, it will not be too long before we get an initial contribution from him and maybe an update on the 9F and his new ('ish) layout project Fence Houses Mk ii. Visitors to the 25th anniversary function coming up on the 12th May will be able to see his progress to date. It will not be anywhere near completed but I know you will all be suitably impressed with the Lady Victoria...........!

Watch this space.

Mick S

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