Wednesday 7 March 2007

Invitation to comment & Wansbeck update.

Just a quick line or two here before I put up some pictures of the new bus.

Although there are necessarily only a few 'contributors' which is the way it will stay for some time, absolutely anyone can comment on the posts that appear here. Just click on the 'comments' button and let us know what you think. Don't forget it's the NEAG blog so comments are valued.

My modelling time lately has been focused on a new box on which to site the layout seat when we are touring with Wansbeck Road. It has been subject of a review since the layout extension (the one which allows the bus to run) was installed. The reason being that the diameter of the new larger fiddle yard exceeds the width of the layout transportation box. So what I have decided to do is construct a box to contain both fiddle yards, yes there will be another one at the other end before too long, and also the stock box, spare controller, light bulbs etc. etc. This is going to be slightly bigger than the one that already exists but the avoidance of damage to the fiddle yards is quite important.

As soon as I take some pictures I will post them.

Mick S

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