Tuesday 27 February 2007

Picture of the Installation..

This pic shows 3 of the SEEP magnets that cover the scenic section of the layout and the LS150 accessory decoder unit that controls them. Also visible is a Tortoise point actuator with 'Hare' decoder card attached. The copper strip is self adhesive tape and forms one (black) pole of the DCC main control bus. The other (red) one is out of sight at the top. The small square copper tape pads are terminals for the track feeds which use fine tinned copper wire droppers. Each length of rail has at least 2 feeds, and each feed is fed directly back to the main bus, not daisy-chained. The pad with the blue wire is a point vee feed and is wired into the Hare decoder where polarity is switched digitally. The Tortoises are screwed to plywood bases which are glued to the foam-core board with PU adhesive.

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