Thursday 30 July 2009

In the Distant

North East Area Group meeting information.

Saturday 15th August 2009
Saint Barnabas Church Hall Bournmoor.

Time - Please Note 2.00pm – 5.00pm. (approx.)

This months meeting is being held slightly later than normal on the 15th August and we will be continuing with our layout planning theme.

At the last two meetings we had an insight into how two of our own group members viewed the subject of layout planning as well as, in both cases, the way the plans had been realised. Edward with Niddbeck Bridge and Tony with Brafferton. I feel sure you would have taken ideas away from those sessions.

This time we will be getting a different slant on planning and instead of me having to cajole (sorry, invite) another group member to take the floor we will be giving good old NE welcome to none other than Iain Rice. Whilst exhibiting Wansbeck Road at Epsom Show this year Yvonne and I found ourselves exhibiting alongside the P4 ‘Trerice’ and I’m happy to say Iain accepted the invitation to come along and talk to us on the subject of planning.

There can’t be very many of you who haven’t looked at a ‘Rice scheme’ at some stage and begun adapting it to your own needs. Even if you’ve not done that it’s very possible you have spent some time browsing through one of the many books or magazines in which he has either written or had a part. I always think it was a great pity Railmodel Digest didn’t continue.

Iain has a very readable writing style and a lot of his ideas are well worthy of consideration. Indeed there are some easily spotted ‘Rice isms’ on WBR. Such things as view blockers and jigsaw pieces to disguise baseboard joints to name but two.

Iain will be doing a presentation entitled Modelling the ‘Realistic’ way. It should make for an interesting afternoon and I look forward to seeing you all on the day.

Mick S

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