Monday 16 March 2009

Going Green Pt II (?)

Help! My layout is too big!

Well I've known from very early doors that it technically didn't meet the criteria for the Golden Jubilee Challenge. Did that bother me? No; the Challenge provided suitable impetus to start the layout and from there it just sort of took charge itself!

Seriously though, the layout is of such a size that I cannot assemble two of the five boards in the study; to do this I have to comandeer my son's bedroom and even this will struggle with three sections. I can fit one board on the study desk to work on it, but the size has limited what I might do over the winter months. Now spring is in the air (hopefully), I can decamp to the garage and work with more available space:

What I have been doing is making a scenic start on board No. 1. This operates well (as it should being just a single stretch of track) and having finished the bridge, I have now started bedding it in and commenced grassing:

On Sunday, James and I visited Keighley Model Show. This is a fine show of modest proportions and featured some extremely nice layouts. Andrew Cox was present with Cotstart East and deservedly won one of the show prizes. 

At SiSt Trees we purchased some more flocks and scenic scatter and some very nice ready-made trees; bargains at 70p - 90p apiece! Visit for more info.


Bob Jones said...


your layout is too big!!....?

I know someone who has the same problem!

Nice to see the progress.


Yorkshire Square said...


It's all relative of course; my relatives being two young children who take over the house using up valuable modelling space!

Once I can set up in the garage, I expect progress to gather pace.