Monday 30 March 2009

Brafferton Update 21: Scenery

Earlier today I did a bit of work on the scenic side of the layout. First up was to attach the backscene to board No2. I did this with board No1 attached to try and get as neat a join as possible between the two bits of backscene:

The uprights are glued to the backscene board and then gradually screwed to the baseboard:

For the final upright I had to remove the protection board from the end of the layout. There is a slight overhang at this end which will be planed and sanded off (the upright is already flush with the board end):

With this backscene in place, I can now commence putting the landscape on board No2. Same process as before, but more fiddly between trackbases. A sheet of 10thou styrene sheet was slid in after a while to stop the plaster setting as one whole:

All told a good days progress!

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