Wednesday 18 February 2009

Grasses & Gasses

Nice to see some comment and query on recent posts; thanks for the interest guys! 

Pete M asks about the grass mat. On the bridge, I used the Gaugemaster rough grass, autumn brown (?). It's actual made by Noch and no doubt Gaugemaster are the UK distributors. I will also be using other products to represent ground cover including Greenscene, Noch and Woodland Scenics as well as non purchased items such as soil, tea leaves and dust (!). I expect that the Noch grass mat will be usable in fairly largish patches; it could perhaps be used for a crop field with suitable treatment although not in my case. Here is the product in its package:

Questions were also asked about painting and weathering to achieve certain effects. I still like enamels for model painting and I have several pots of thinners, in various states of disrepute, to thin and weather colours. Here is one of the nastier pots, there is currently more sediment than thinner, but I will dilute it rather than clean the pot and start again:

No doubt this is barred under various EU legislation; usually the same sort that stops us knowing who our fellow members are and where they live! Don't get me started on that again...


Mick S said...


I'm just another one following with interest. These posts are just handy sized mini articles that would look very nice in the Magazine methinks.


Yorkshire Square said...


If you wish to appropriate any of my ditherings and dribblings for the magazine, please do so. I have hi-res copies of photos as needed and can tighten up any text as you might require (he says hopefully!)...


Anonymous said...

Tony, Thanks for this.

Am about to undertake some scenery to my challenge layout and these days [I have just restarted the hobby after a 20 year break!] the static grass seems to be the preferred method. If I understand correctly, the base can be a grass mat or various scatter[s] which the static grass can be applied to. Not sure if I have interpreted correctly but the grass on the bridge looks very compelling.
Thanks, Pete M