Tuesday 25 November 2008

More on wheels

Responding to a comment made by Nigel about the low res. picture of the wheels in the last post
(the dangers of using poor artificial light in conjunction with a basic image quality).

For ease of responding and because the 108's wheels are all back in the unit, here is a set of Dapol wagon wheels that are manufactured in much the same way as the non powered bogie wheels. The difference here is Dapol use a standard 1.5mm axle in a muff that is virtually the same size as our own standard locomotive driving wheel muffs. The new Bachmann ones on the 108 are 1.2mm diameter.

The left hand single wheel has been re-blackened and has had material taken from the front face of the wheel as well as the back. It is part of an experiment I am conducting. It can be seen how the axle still protrudes roughly the same distance beyond the face of the wheel. This is because the wheel has been pushed out on it's axle to enable the correct B2B to be achieved when refitting to the Dapol wagon.

On your last point Nigel - are there different variations on for the destination screens or will Wansbeck Road retain it's direct link to Liverpool...?


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