Friday 3 October 2008

Brafferton Update - 9. Pointwork Pti

After a brief hiatus (how many more can I get away with before 2010 I wonder) work recommences on Brafferton. The pointwork uses Bob Jones' etches for point chairs. These are sweated to the sleepers using the Blackburn jig:

Once seperated, the sleepers are then overlaid onto the standard Association template to achieve the necessary spacings and the straight stock rail soldered to each sleeper. This template has been superceded by a new one I believe:

As Brafferton is circular, I really need curved points; a straight one in the middle of a curve would stick out somewhat! To this end the partial point is carefully removed from the template and relaid as a curve using just a curve of the correct radius as a guide. The points will be of varying length and curvature as we move from the back of the layout to the front. The point underway at the moment is the tightest being at the back of the goods yard. It is a B7 with the formerly straight section being curved to 29" radius: 

With the Vee and both stock rails in place, the Switch rails are being inserted before finally the Crossing and the Check rails:

With I back wind, I hope to have this board complete for Bolton. Wait and see...!

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