Monday 4 August 2008

Brafferton Update - 6. Trackwork Pt iii

Once I had cut the many little squares of ply, I stuck them together in pairs and then stuck them at 2.5"-3" intervals along the underside of the trackbed. This was then stuck to the baseboard top. The block at each end of the board was inserted last of all to ensure there was a slight overhang. When the glue dried, The block and the trackbed was filed back flush with the baseboard edge:

Probably somewhat rashly, I have done all this before the baseboard is even assembled. I am hoping that it won't impinge on the construction of the board too much; we shall see!

Next Saturday Edward has kindly offered to help ensure that the baseboards are put together in a professional manner. I shall be whizzing over to Bradford to undertake this task with him. Then I can bodge on with the rest of the layout...

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