Wednesday 2 July 2008

Expo I

"Did you enjoy that, then?"

"Yeah", said James, "it were good!"

Of course it was! Worth seven hours travelling in one day? For sure! A great day out, to meet old friends, meet new ones, and see some excellent modelling from old hands and from newer members alike. Shame about the strain on the chequebook though!

Edward Sisslings neatly executed DCC layout, Niddbeck Bridge. James enjoyed operating this and soon got the hang of it including accessory operation. If a 5 year-old can do it, so can you! Nice backscene, by the way ;-)...

This is the start of an beautiful tiny layout from Anthony Yeates. It travels in a box file! The modelling is very nicely done and I enjoyed having a chat with Anthony about his modelling. The buildings are exquisite...

More from me later; I'll tell you about my Expo acquisitions and also modelling progress to date.

1 comment:

Edward Sissling said...

A very nice backscene indeed !

I'm afraid I rather botched the installation of the backscene papers that Tony so kindly painted for me. I installed them all in one go and the adhesive caused the paper to shrink as it dried. If only I'd been less impatient and done them one piece at a time, the joins would have been so much neater. A lesson learned for the backsene on Pool-in-Wharfedale!