Sunday 6 April 2008

North East Group Meeting Update

Those who attended yesterdays meeting will have seen just how many people possess RSU's and how they use them in different ways. The pictures show aspects of the meeting.
In addition to the RSU session Bob had a lump of Fence Houses upon which were running some of the various members projects.

I was playing with Dynamis using my 2'6" diameter circular test track and at one time had 3 class 37's chasing themselves. Can be a bit nerve racking can that - with such a small circle of track.

Tony Simms had the bare bones of some some baseboards but I will let him show you those when he posts a few words about them. Chris Mills had two of the Chris Higgs lowmacs which he had easily managed to attach electraNE's to, proving that it's possible to get electa where DG's allegedly can't go (well not without some difficulty....!)

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