Monday 7 April 2008

Golden Years

Another NEAG meeting and more interesting stuff than I can take in! Once again Bob has a bit of Fencehouses up and running and we get to see his beautiful double junction. The D49 gets a bit of a run out and some useful tips are picked up for its improvement.

Meanwhile the rest of Bournmoor is in brown-out as we get the similtaneous use of several RSUs. It was interesting as a commited iron-user to see these in use; bravo to Rod for taking the plunge after all of these years. It was also good to see the Judith Edge kits brought along by Steve; a challenge if ever I saw one.

Finally, I managed to get a first view of the baseboards for "Brafferton". Again I've benefitted from the knowledge and skills of members where I have little to speak of! Alan Smith redesigned my boards and I now have five making the full circle. This avoids the layout potentially "breaking its back" as each joint is opposite a solid piece of baseboard; something which six boards singularly fails to do! Alan cut the wood with his CNC facilities making an all but perfect job - the circle is perfect and the edges require only slight sanding to be baby's-bum smooth. Additionally I have taken the opportunity to stretch the scenic section to three boards or 60% of the circle as opposed to 50% originally. This may take it slightly outside the Layout Challenge criteria, but I'm sure I can blag that somehow...

Thanks to Mick Simpson for the photo.

Next step is to get the boards assembled and start on some legs; these should be within my capability (I hope!).

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