Thursday 11 October 2007

AGM 'Full English' RV Point

The designated RV point is the eastern side entrance to KingsX (the one opposite the McDonalds restaurant at the corner of York Way and Pentonville Rd) at 10.15am a week on Saturday, or just as soon as the train conveying the Tyne-Tees Taliban arrives.

There are five of us so far, others are welcome to tag along.

One of our number is due to be minus his wisdom teeth by the end of next week. If he's still sore and can't manage all his breakfast then I'm having his bubble'n'squeak. You can all fight over the rest :-)

Hope you are all bringing something along to display. My contribution will be the unpainted station building for Niddbeck Bridge with a bit of explanatory blurb, drawings etc.

1 comment:

Andy Hanson said...

Hands off my bubble and squeak - it might be the only bit of my breakfast that I will be able to manage! ;o)