Friday 7 September 2007

New Modelling Season

Like Tony, August was a bit of a non-starter for me as far as modelling went, mainly taken up with family holidays and running the kids about. Hopefully September will be a more productive modelling month as the evenings start to get darker.

I have manage to make limited progress on the station building for 'Niddbeck Bridge' and now have a roofless shell, with chimney stacks currently being worked on.

A couple of weeks ago I got round to replacing my failed digital compact camera. After much thumbing through of various camera mags and online review sites I decided to join the rush to DSLR photography and am now the owner of a Canon EOS 400D and am having fun learning to use it. Now saving up for a proper macro lens, flash gun and tripod !

Shipley Show on 15/16 September. Please come along if you can and lend a hand on Welton Down and the NEAG group demo table. Let me know if you are coming please.

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Yorkshire Square said...

Glad to hear you've survived the summer hols Eddie! Sorry I can't make Shipley; I'll be getting more fresh air on the Yorkshire Three Peaks.

The EOS 400D is a very nice bit of kit; I've been doing a bit of homework with a view to replacing my Fuji in the near future. The Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM recently got the digital photo Gold Award on the macro lens test.