Sunday 1 April 2007

Next NEAG meeting 14th April 2007.

This is the last ITD before our 25th Anniversary Celebration which is being held on Saturday 12th May.

You will have the 2mm Magazine by now and be able to see the line up of layouts. Don’t miss it because it promises to be a good day out. Those requiring lunch and tea and who have not yet been in touch, please do so now to avoid disappointment.

On the 14th we continue our review of wagon building techniques and for this session Bob Jones is going to bring along some of his kits and do a session which will be reminiscent of the Blue Peter programs i.e. “here’s one we made earlier…..!”

Do they still do that kind of thing now or is it all about audience participation phone in’s?

Bob will have with him some of his etched kits for sale. I know he won’t be using the afternoon as an opportunity to make money but if there is anything specific you want then give him a ring or send him an ‘e’ mail with your order and I’m sure he will bring the goodies along for you to take away from the meeting.
If anyone wants to leave a message re their attendance on the 14th just go to 'comments' and follow the prompts. I get a text message on my mobile when you do so it’s a good way of being sure your comment finds its way to me.

In the Distant will still be provided by printed matter through the ordinary post for those who do not have internet access. Eventually those who currently receive the ITD by ‘e’ mail will just receive a notification that there is a posting on the NEAG blog re the ‘next’ meeting and a link directing them to it but for the time being at least you will get both............!

Hope to see you all on the 14th
Mick S
PS - Yes, there will be some pictures of the bus - soon.

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